Capital Rewards Isn't Your Typical Loyalty Program.  It's Rewards Done Right.

We know Capital lovers like you don't just love our tacos. You love to #KeepItCapital. That means knowing about and experiencing all the unique, weird and secret ways we like to keep things fun with our loyal customers. Like inviting folks in to exclaim a secret code on #tacotuesday for a free double up of your favorite taco, or letting you know first about a popular new limited-time menu item. 


Capital Rewards is our way of taking #KeepItCapital to a whole 'nother level with you. Sign up and read more below to get yourself moving on the Road To Capital and unlock rewards and experiences with every order.

How Capital Rewards Works

1. Use the form below to create a Capital Account. All you need to do is enter your name, email address and create a password. You can also sign up by downloading our app (App Store or Google Play) and registering there. (Entering your birthday and anniversary isn't required, but it will allow us to send you a Capital gift to celebrate :)!)


2. Eat at Capital Tacos and get rewarded! You can order any way you'd like. Let your cashier know your account information on in-store and phone orders. If you place an order on our app, points will automatically be added. If you place an order online, a separate account will be required - but we will make sure to add your points on a rolling basis so you get rewarded!

3. Work your way up Capital Tacos Rewards! The day you sign up for Capital Rewards is your "capital birthday." For the next 365 days, you'll be on a journey. Every time you eat at Capital Tacos during that year, you'll earn points (starting with 1 point for every 1 dollar spent). You'll keep earning points, hitting new levels, and unlocking more rewards throughout the year. Then the fun will start all over again.  

4. Keep track of the Capital Rewards comin' your way! We'll keep you posted via email when you are have hit (or are close to) a new level or reward. But you can also check where you stand anytime by logging into your account here (or on the Capital Tacos app). 

The Road To Capital (Rewards)

Ready. Set. #KeepItCapital

There are 16 levels of Capital Rewards for you to "eat" your way through over the course of the year. With each being named after someone else we admire for Keeping It Capital in his or her own way.


1. Jim Morrison (Just For Signing Up): Eligible for our #tacotuesday secret codes - where we ask you do/say something funny and order your favorite taco - and then we'll double it up for you (i.e. give you two of 'em). 

2. Jennifer Lawrence (100 points): Eligible to vote for our monthly Taco of the Month specials!

3. Tony Hawk (150 points): Eligible to nominate your own ideas for potential in-store specials!

4. Amelia Earhart (200 points): You've won a free taste of our Taco of the Month! Swing on by anytime during the month to redeem.

5. Neil DeGrasse Tyson (300 points): Say hello to a points multiplier! Get 1.25 points from now on for every dollar spent.

6. Davy Crockett (400 points): Choose a free bottle of one of our signature salsas to take home and enjoy. Not available for purchase.

13. Frank Sinatra (2,250 points): Take home a bottle of our Chipotle Ranch signature sauce, the very one that makes The Austinite so amazing. But shhh. Don't tell your friends. They make get jealous/want all of it.

14. Simone Biles (2,750 points): An invitation to an exclusive Capital Tacos Off-Menu Omakase for you and +1. On us. The meal will consist entirely of off-menu items, such as specials of months past and new items we're working on. 

15. Hariet Tubman (3,500 points): Booth Naming Rights for a month so you can bring your friends in and show off a bit. Also, you can choose one of them to give the gift of Neil DeGrasse Tyson status to, because that's included here as well. 

16. Cappie (5,000 points): The road to #KeepItCapital ends with Cappie, Capital Tacos' friendly mascot. The first four to hit this level in a calendar year will win an all-expenses paid party bus/culinary tour of Tampa for you and a special someone. 

7. Serena Williams (500 points): Say hello to another points multiplier! Get 1.5 points from now on for every dollar spent.

8. James Dean (650 points): How about an invitation to the next Capital Tacos Late Night Food Party for you and +1? After we close up the store, we'll re-open it up just for you - and give you a free Capital feast to enjoy.

9. Walt Disney (800 points): Say hey to another points multiplier! Get 1.75 points from now on for every dollar spent.

10. Johnny Cash (1,000 points): How about a VIP invitation to the next Capital Tacos Late Night Food Party for you and +1? After we close up the store, we'll re-open it up just for you - and give you a VIP Capital Feast to enjoy.  You'll also secure Neil DeGrasse Tyson status for life!

11. Billie Holliday (1,250 points): A free Capital T-shirt that is exclusive for Capital Rewards members is all yours.

12. Jose Andres (1,750 points): Unlock your (voting) superpower! Your vote for in-store taco special each month now counts twice.